Sunday, 6 November 2011


I followed my destiny. The road was inviting me for long, craving for my return. Silently she told me she missed my feet running over her, my sweat dripping on her under the scorching sun and the weight of my backpack, my curious stare resting on the horizon she draws afar, indifferent, randomly. I missed her as well, the crackling sound of gravel and sand pressed under my feet,  the warm tar melting gently at my passage, the countless kilometers going by while inebriating my nose with unknown scents and smells, the joyful dance of chance and destiny unfolding my path, slowly, languidly. The sea, however, was the one who took me. The road was left for later, overcome by the magnetic vastness of the ocean, who will rock me lazily across the  expanse of water that took the Portuguese of elder days to unknown destinations, as my own, which I will discover little by little, westbound. I’m going, departing from Lisboa, taken by the sea, traveling once more, fulfilling my destiny, each day.

Lisboa, Portugal, October 2011